Magnetic Navigation Workshop

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Co-Sponsored by: Air Force Institute of Technology (AFIT) Autonomy and Navigation Technology Center (ANT)

Monday, April 24, 2023 (held the day before IEEE/ION PLANS)
Hyatt Regency, Monterey, CA

Magnetic navigation (MagNav) which uses Earth anomalies or other environmental magnetic sources is quickly becoming a reliable alternative navigation signal that can provide a backup in situations in which other navigation techniques are unavailable or unreliable. This workshop will cover the important implementation aspects of MagNav including the availability of magnetic maps, vehicle magnetic calibration, and navigation filter techniques.

Workshop Program Co-Chairs

Dr. Aaron Nielsen
Research Assistant Professor
ANT Center
Air Force Institute of Technology

Dr. Rick Saltus
Senior Research Scientist
University of Colorado

Session Topics

The workshop will include the following subject matters:

Sensors and Measurement Technology
For magnetic anomaly measurement, sufficient sensitivity is required. Current state-of-the-art sensors of MagNav utilize atomic vapor techniques that measure the scalar magnitude of the total field. Additional degrees of freedom are possible using vector magnetometers or gradiometer configurations can provide additional insight into the external Earth’s magnetic field or the aircraft disturbance field.

Magnetic Anomaly Maps and Artifacts
Magnetic anomaly maps are constructed from a variety of data sources. Depending upon the quality of the data sources, artifacts may be introduced into the mapping product. Additional map enhancement may be possible by merging new data sources into existing maps.

Vehicle Calibration
Vehicle disturbance fields corrupt the measured external magnetic field signature and must be compensated for. Traditional techniques work well for the purpose of engineered vehicles, but can fail for vehicles with large magnetic field moments. Traditional calibrations do not account for time-varying magnetic fields generated within the vehicle and are not capable of removing that type of field.

Navigation and Filtering Algorithms
Different magnetic map-matching techniques can be implemented using different types of Kalman filter variations. Additional filter variations can be applied beyond single point updates and magnetic measurements to include batch processing techniques.

Registration Information

Early rate registration (registered and paid by March 24) will be $450 for ION Members and $530 Non-Members. 

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